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Alignment....it's ALL about Alignment.

I find myself wanting to say something deep, and profound 🤔 about the word "Alignment", but I can't😐. I will say this, "Know your soul and honor it". How many times have we all been in the presence of someone that was bad for our soul? There you are going about your day and BAM! Negative energy is all over you😈. It's in those moments when it's important to honor the clues that your soul gives you about people, situations and events in life. That chill that goes up your spine or that second thought is your soul telling you to take a minute and reset. 

As I prepare for this exit of Summer into Fall, I realize more than ever how vital it is for me to stay in "Alignment" with my soul in order to receive what is meant for me. And often times this requires me to let go of people and things that don't serve my greater good. So.....if you find yourself scattered, messing up, missing deadlines and opportunities😱. It's time for you to breathe....get quiet...reset and yourself balance out ☯️ to get in alignment with your soul 😊

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"Life will keep bringing you the same test over and over again until you pass it?"